The Best Apps Like Omegle, Reviewed and Ranked

Connecting with others, particularly online, has become increasingly popular in recent years.

While the likes of Facebook and Snapchat have provided a platform for personal interaction with loved ones, they don’t always offer the chance to connect with strangers easily.

This is where apps like Omegle come in.

The app provides an opportunity to meet new people and explore different interests regardless of location.

Omegle alternatives

Top Apps Like Omegle

Omegle is a popular online platform that connects users with random strangers for text and video chat.

However, there are several alternatives available that offer unique features, enhanced user experiences, and additional safety measures.

1. Chatous

What Is It?

Chatous is a mobile application that offers live video and text chat options, allowing users to connect with strangers from all over the world.

It has gained popularity for its interactive features, which include the ability to share media files with a time limit, similar to Snapchat.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and has earned a reputation for being a safe and user-friendly Omegle alternative.

What Makes This App Special?

What makes Chatous stand out among other apps like Omegle is its filters and search capabilities.

Users can filter other users based on their interests, which helps them connect with like-minded individuals.

This feature enhances the overall user experience, as it promotes engaging and meaningful conversations.

Additionally, Chatous has a strict no offensive content policy, which means that inappropriate and unwanted content is quickly removed, creating a safer environment for users.

Why I like This App?

Chatous offers a great platform for users looking to connect with strangers while maintaining their privacy and anonymity.

The app’s modern design, intuitive interface, and unique filtering options make it an enjoyable and easy-to-use platform. The added ability to share media files with a time limit adds a unique and engaging twist to the chat experience.

Overall, Chatous provides a secure, stable, and user-friendly alternative to Omegle, perfect for those seeking new friendships or just looking for a fun chat session with like-minded individuals.


What Is It?

HOLLA is a popular app that offers users the opportunity to connect with random strangers from all over the world through video chat.

Similar to Omegle, this app allows users to find like-minded people with just a click of a button, providing a fun and entertaining way to meet new people and establish connections with users who share similar interests.

What Makes This App Special?

This app sets itself apart from other apps like Omegle by its focus on providing users with a safe, interactive, and enjoyable experience.

HOLLA ensures complete anonymity while offering a colorful interface and seamless user-experience. It has several core features, including:

  • Age restriction: HOLLA ensures that users under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the app, preventing the presence of offensive content and ensuring a safer environment.
  • Interactive Interface: The app’s bubbly, bright design makes it easy to engage with other users and have a fun time while chatting with new people.
  • Voice Call Mode: Along with video chat, HOLLA also allows users to connect with strangers through voice calls, offering an alternative option if users aren’t comfortable showing their face on video.

Why I like This App?

HOLLA stands out from other apps like Omegle due to its focus on providing a safe and exciting environment for users.

Its user-friendly interface, interactive design, and the ability to use voice calls instead of video chat allow users to connect with strangers seamlessly while maintaining their privacy.

The age-restriction feature also ensures that the HOLLA community consists of genuine people, making it a reliable and enjoyable app to use.

3. Yalla

What Is It?

Yalla is another popular app among users looking for alternatives to Omegle. Like HOLLA, Yalla offers users the ability to connect with random people from around the world.

However, this app focuses on the text, audio, and group chat rooms, allowing users to send texts, audio clips, and even play games with other users while chatting.

What Makes This App Special?

Yalla differentiates itself from other apps like Omegle with its unique set of features, which include:

  • Instantaneous Group Chats: Users in Yalla can create or join chat rooms based on specific topics and interests, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals and have more engaging conversations.
  • Geographical Filtering: This app enables users to filter chatrooms based on their geographical location, allowing them to connect with people from different parts of the world and overcome linguistic barriers or time zone differences.
  • Play Games: Yalla takes the experience a step further by allowing users to play games with strangers during conversations, making the experience more fun and interactive.

Why I Like This App?

Yalla is an excellent alternative for users who prefer the anonymity offered by text and audio chat over video chat. Its group chat rooms, based on interests and geographical differences, help users find content relevant to their preferences and forge more personal connections.

The built-in games and the ability to send audio clips make chatting with strangers on Yalla more dynamic and engaging than the basic text-based conversations found on Omegle app alternatives.

4. Azar

What Is It?

Azar is a popular Android and iOS app that allows users to engage with strangers across the globe using video chat. This app has been designed for those who are looking to meet new people from different countries, explore different cultures, and learn new languages.

With its easy-to-use interface and core features, Azar is an excellent choice for those seeking apps like Omegle.

What Makes This App Special?

What sets Azar apart from other Omegle alternatives is its seamless translation feature, allowing users to communicate despite linguistic differences.

This feature helps bridge the gap between users who do not speak the same language, making the conversation smoother and more enjoyable.

Apart from this, Azar provides a range of stickers, effects, and costumes that users can apply during their video chats, adding fun and excitement to the interaction.

Why I like This App?

I appreciate Azar because it focuses on bridging geographic and linguistic differences, allowing users to connect and enjoy video chats with people worldwide.

The real-time translation feature enables users to establish more meaningful connections despite language barriers. Additionally, the app’s stickers and effects make interactions more enjoyable and encourage users to express themselves creatively during video chat sessions.

5. Rooit

What Is It?

Rooit is another Android and iOS app that presents itself as an Omegle alternative. This app enables users to connect with strangers in a completely anonymous and private chat environment.

Like Azar, Rooit aims to help users engage with others from various backgrounds and learn more about their different cultures. Users can join group chat rooms or initiate one-on-one conversations, depending on their preferences.

What Makes This App Special?

What distinguishes Rooit from other apps like Omegle is its focus on privacy and anonymity. Users do not have to provide personal information or register through third-party platforms such as Facebook or Google to use Rooit’s features.

Additionally, Rooit offers several chatrooms based on specific themes or interests, making it easier for users to find like-minded individuals with whom they can interact.

Why I like This App?

I like Rooit because it provides users with complete anonymity and privacy when interacting with others. This feature helps users feel more comfortable exploring different cultures and backgrounds without fear of being judged or harassed.

Moreover, Rooit’s themed chatrooms make it easy for users to find individuals with similar interests, leading to more engaging and enjoyable conversations.

6. Topface

What Is It?

Topface is a popular social networking and dating app that allows users to connect with people from all over the world to chat, flirt, and establish relationships. It provides a fun and relaxed environment for users to interact and make new friends.

What Makes This App Special?

Unlike some other Omegle alternatives, Topface is specifically focused on dating and making connections with others who share your interests. The app allows users to engage in video calls, chat with others in a simple and user-friendly interface.

Additionally, Topface offers a simple gender filtering option, which makes it easy to find people you’d like to connect with.

Why I like This App?

Topface stands out among the apps like Omegle due to its dating focus and user-friendly interface. It offers a wide range of features that make chatting and connecting with others an enjoyable experience.

The customization options, like gender filtering, provide users with more control over their interactions and make it easier to find like-minded people. With Topface, meeting new people and forming connections has never been more accessible and enjoyable.

7. AHA

What Is It?

AHA is a video chatting platform that allows users to interact with others using real-time video chats. It aims to provide a safe and secure environment for users to communicate, as it requires identification and filters spam and fake profiles.

What Makes This App Special?

Unlike other apps like Omegle, AHA places a strong emphasis on user safety and the quality of its user base. By requiring identification and implementing filters, AHA ensures that users communicate with genuine people who share similar interests.

Additionally, the app offers a variety of effects and filters that users can apply during their video chats to make conversations more enjoyable and engaging.

Why I like This App?

AHA offers a secure platform for users to connect with others through video chats. The app’s focus on user safety sets it apart from other Omegle alternatives, making it an attractive option for those who value their privacy and security.

The wide range of effects and filters add an element of fun to conversations and make AHA an enjoyable experience for users of all ages. Overall, AHA is a user-friendly app that offers a fantastic way to communicate and interact with others in a secure and entertaining environment.

8. MeowChat

What Is It?

MeowChat is an app similar to Omegle, providing a platform for users to chat with strangers through text and video calls. It offers additional entertainment features such as games within the app.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and offers a user-friendly experience.

What Makes This App Special?

What sets MeowChat apart from other Omegle alternatives is the inclusion of fun games that users can play while chatting with others. This added feature provides a more engaging experience for users and can be a great ice breaker for conversations with new people.

MeowChat also supports multiple languages, making it easier for users with linguistic differences to communicate with each other.

Why I like This App?

I like MeowChat because it offers a unique combination of chat features and engaging games, making it a fun place to meet new people from all around the world.

The colorful interface creates a bright and bubbly atmosphere, while the multi-language support ensures that everyone can enjoy the app regardless of their language barriers.

Having the option to connect and interact with strangers both through text and video calls allows for more personal connections and helps to bridge geographic differences.

9. Mico

What Is It?

Mico is another app like Omegle, offering users the opportunity to connect with random strangers through video chat. It is available for Android devices and provides a vibrant and user-friendly experience.

Mico is designed to make it easy for users to chat and make new friends instantly.

What Makes This App Special?

Mico’s eye-catching interface, complete with colorful and interactive elements, sets it apart from other apps like Omegle. Users can participate in video chats, send texts, and even exchange virtual gifts with others.

Mico also offers a real-time translation feature, enabling users to overcome language barriers and build genuine connections with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Why I like This App?

I appreciate Mico because of its ability to provide a unique and immersive chatting experience. The bright and colorful interface creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere where users can feel comfortable meeting new people. The real-time translation feature ensures that users can engage and connect with others despite language differences, fostering a truly diverse and global community. Additionally, the app’s playful features like virtual gifts make the chatting experience even more fun and engaging.

10. Pikii

What Is It?

Pikii is a popular video chatting app that serves as a great alternative to Omegle. It allows users to connect with random strangers around the world and have meaningful conversations. Pikii also integrates social media features, giving users the ability to connect with friends and major stars in the entertainment industry.

What Makes This App Special?

The Pikii app stands out because it goes beyond the basic video chatting feature that other Omegle alternatives offer.

The app provides social media features, allowing users to follow their favorite stars, get updates on their activities, and engage in live events. Additionally, Pikii has a colorful interface and an easy-to-use platform, making it suitable for both new and experienced users.

It also supports translations in six languages, which helps bridge linguistic and geographic differences when chatting with strangers.

Why I like This App?

I enjoy using the Pikii app because it offers a unique combination of video chatting and social media engagement. The ability to follow major stars and interact with them is an exciting prospect for many users.

Furthermore, the app is user-friendly, and the colorful interface creates a visually appealing and engaging experience. The language translation feature also offers a more inclusive environment for users from different backgrounds.

11. Fav Talk

What Is It?

Fav Talk is a simple yet effective chat app that serves as an excellent alternative to Omegle. The app focuses on helping users connect with like-minded people by matching them based on their interests.

Fav Talk allows users to create a profile and select their preferences to find compatible chatting partners.

What Makes This App Special?

Unlike many other apps like Omegle, Fav Talk emphasizes the importance of common interests when connecting users. This focus on interests makes it possible for users to engage in meaningful conversations with strangers seamlessly.

Additionally, the Fav Talk team ensures that users are genuine by vetting their profiles. This verification process creates an element of authenticity and trust within the app, ensuring a better overall user experience.

Why I like This App?

I appreciate the emphasis on common interests that Fav Talk offers because it creates a better chance of having engaging conversations with strangers.

The simple and user-friendly interface also makes it easy for users to navigate the app and focus on the chatting experience. Moreover, the vetting process for profiles provides peace of mind when it comes to trusting the authenticity of the people you connect with on the app.

12. LiveMe

What Is It?

LiveMe is a social streaming app that allows users to engage in text, audio, and video conversations with people from around the world. As an app like Omegle, it offers an interactive platform for meeting new people and making friends. It is available on both iOS and Android devices, making it an easily accessible option for those interested in connecting with others online.

What Makes This App Special?

LiveMe stands out from other Omegle alternatives due to its unique features that allow users to not only chat but also create and browse content. The appÂ’s colorful interface makes the user-experience enjoyable and engaging.

With a stable internet connection, users can enjoy video chats with filters and effects that make conversations more interesting. Additionally, LiveMe offers the opportunity for users to make money online by attracting followers and receiving virtual gifts.

Why I like This App?

LiveMe is a great app for those looking to connect with people and form friendships through an interactive platform.

The combination of text, audio, and video chat makes it easy to connect with others in a more personal way.

Its range of filters and effects adds an element of fun to every conversation. Moreover, LiveMe’s browsing feature allows users to explore content by category, making it an engaging app for discovering new interests and like-minded individuals.

Overall, LiveMe offers a fun and safe environment for meeting new people and expressing oneself creatively.

Best Apps to Meet New People like Omegle

There are numerous apps available that offer a similar experience to Omegle, providing users with an opportunity to connect with random strangers and make new friends.

The following are some of the best alternatives to Omegle:


As an Omegle alternative, HOLLA provides a user-friendly platform that allows you to chat with random strangers using text, audio, and video formats.

With the option to add filters and participate in voice call mode, HOLLA ensures a fun and interactive experience for users.


Text and video chat options are available in MeowChat, along with engaging game options and support for multiple languages.

This makes the app a popular choice for those looking for a more interactive and varied experience when connecting with others online.

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