Is HostGator Good or Bad?

The increased usage of the internet and that of businesses beyond boundaries has made it necessary for highly informative and comprehensive websites. To uplink a website to the internet, one requires a host as this task cannot be done by oneself. Web hosting is the allocation of the space on the internet so that the website is visible to the world. Web hosting companies having powerful computers called the servers allocate space to the websites.

HostGator is one such hosting company, which in a short time span has risen to be amongst the best hosting companies in the industry. To be able to decide whether HostGator is a good host or a bad one, we have to analyze it on various aspects.

Reliable with the best uptime:

It has been observed that HostGator provides the best uptime, that of 99.9% prevalent in the hosting industry. This means that as a host it is stable and reliable. There are no downtimes as HostGator has a data center of its own. The reliability quotient of the company can be further ascertained from the fact that it offers money back and 99.9% uptime guarantee for 45 days.

Multiple plans to host unlimited domains:

The users are not limited to hosting single domains as the various packages offered by HostGator include unlimited disk storage and bandwidth. Therefore, users with multiple websites can host them with a single account with HostGator.

Multiple choices to upgrade:

HostGator being amongst the leaders in the hosting industry offers multiple choices to upgrade. This means that a website hosted with HostGator, if requires a higher level of hosting can go for the dedicated, VPS, reseller or other type of hosting. Therefore, without worrying about disk storage or bandwidth at an increased cost, websites have the opportunity to grow with HostGator.

Environment and user friendly:

The USP of HostGator is their unmatched service to their clients. There have never been negative reviews regarding the customer support of the company. Live chat, email and telephone, are the modes through which customers can get their queries answered round the clock. The company has turned environment friendly lately with the usage of wind power for cooling their servers.

HostGator having the following benefits when compared to other hosting services is no doubt the number one choice of several companies, small or large. The company has several web hosting plans suitable for all pockets. With the most advanced equipment and an unmatched customer service, HostGator is the favorite hosting company.

Some people might argue that the price of the company is slightly higher than that of other companies. However, price is no comparison to the features that HostGator provides. Cheap web hosting companies may surely be charging less for their services, but the quality of service is a huge deterrent for choosing such a service.

Moreover, when one compares the monthly spending on the hosting service, a difference of $2 or $3 bears no importance.

As a web-hosting client, one looks for great features and add-ons, ease of use and excellent support from the company. HostGator in this regard fares very well in all these aspects and therefore is the correct choice if one is looking for a stable and reliable web hosting company.

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hostgator review

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Hostgator can also help you if you are moving to them from another host. They offer following services for free: domain transfer, file transfer, database transfer, script transfers.

hostgator review

Hostgator review

Hostgator is one of the few companies that offers Live Chat. This is incredibly important in critical situations. The support is available 24/7. Hostgator offers cPanel with the Fantastico deluxe, where you can install CMSs like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla with the click of a button.

hostgator review

Hostgator is the perfect choice for blogs, personal and business websites, e-commerce sites. You get unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth even with the cheapest hosting plan. In addition Hostgator also has a great 45 day money back guarantee.

Hostgator is a very popular website hosting company that has an excellent reputation for providing top-notch web hosting at impressively fast speeds. The host of more than 9,000,000 website domains throughout the world, Hostgator also supplies its customers with reseller and VPS hosting, in addition to dedicated servers. For personal or professional websites Hostgator, is the best choice out there.

Web Hosting Plans

The web hosting plans offered by Hostgator include unlimited bandwidth and disk space, as well as site building tools at no extra charge. Customers who need assistance with their website hosting can get help and support 24 hours a day through Hostgator. There are three levels of web hosting plans offered by Hostgator. While the cheapest plan only gives customers one domain, the two more expensive hosting plans give customers an unlimited amount of domains. Their web hosting plan geared specifically to businesses come with a toll-free phone number the business can use for their website.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Hostgator customers can also obtain a reseller hosting plan that allows them to make money by hosting the websites of others. There are five levels of reseller hosting plans offered and each one comes with an increasing amount of disk space. For example, the lowest level reseller hosting plan comes with 50GB of disk space and the highest level reseller hosting plan comes with 200GB of disk space. Every reseller hosting account includes unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and cPanels. Customers who purchase a reseller hosting plan also receive a free account with billing systems and software to help build websites along with over 4,000 website templates for free. Reseller customers also receive name servers that are private and can run their website in any of 22 different languages.

Hostgator VPS Hosting Plans

The VPS hosting plans available come in various levels, ranging from level one to level nine. The level one VPS hosting plan include 10GB of disk space and the level nine VPS hosting plan comes with 231GB of disk space. VPS plans come with the same features as the reseller hosting plans and also with off-site data backup performed every week as well as total root access. In addition, VPS hosting plans can come either with or without a cPanel. A hosting plan that does not come with a cPanel is considered to be a semi-managed VPS.

Hostgator Dedicated Servers

Hostgator dedicated servers can run either on Linux or on Windows The four levels of dedicated servers offered are Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro. Each level of dedicated servers from Hostgator comes with a maximum of five dedicated IP addresses. The Basic and Standard versions come with a DDR3 memory of 4GB, the Elite version comes with a DDR3 memory of 8GB and the Pro version comes with a DDR3 memory of 16GB.

Domain Name Purchases

Customers can purchase their very own domain names through Hostgator. They can also transfer or register a domain with Hostgator and know that they will receive the best service possible. With every domain name purchase, customers also receive automatic renewal of their domain as well as domain locking for free, which protects them from having their domain hijacked. The management panel available to Hostgator customers allows them to manage their domain easily and change or create a nameserver of their own.

Regardless of a customer’s website hosting needs, Hostgator has the right solution for them. The various plans available allow customers to choose the one that is just right for them. With top-level customer and tech support, Hostgator is the only website hosting company worth using.

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Hostgator coupon

hostgator coupon

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  • #1 hosting company in our tests
  • Great price performance value
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Hostgator hosts over 5 million domains and is the biggest web hosting company on the internet.

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Hostgator Features

  • #1 webhost
  • Low price
  • Great 24/7 Live Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Multiple Hosting Plans


  • Price 1rating2rating3rating4rating5
  • Features 1rating2rating3rating4rating5
  • Uptime 1rating2rating3rating4rating5
  • Support 1rating2rating3rating4rating5
  • Overall 1rating2rating3rating4rating5

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Are you looking for a good cPanel shared hosting provider? Or maybe you need a more powerful hosting package and are looking for VPS or Dedicated hosting? Whichever you are looking for, Hostgator offer these hosting packages for a great price.

Features and Control Panel:

Hostgator offer a lot of features including site builder, SSL, domain registration and much more. It also has cPanel and Fantastico, which will make setting up your first website hassle free. You can install wordpress, Joomla and all other popular content management systems with the click of a button.

Guaranteed Uptime:

When it comes to your website, uptime is one of the most important factors. If your site is down due to the webhost, that means that you lose visitors and conversions. We use Hostgator ourselves and we have never experienced any uptime issues. Hostgator guarantees a 99.9% uptime.

Online Support:

One of the best features of Hostgator is the live chat support. That means that you just visit the hostgator homepage, click on the chat, and you can talk to a representative right away. This is especially handy when you have some technical difficulties. Besides that you can also email them, or use the toll free phone numbers. The company even has an online FAQ with the most frequent questions.


Hostgator is the number one choice when it comes to shared web hosting. Not only do they offer top notch services, but their prices are fair and the support is the best in the industry. There really is no reason why not to choose this company.

Make sure to use the coupon codes listed above. You will have to decide which one is best for you.

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HostGator Alternative

Hotgator is a great web hosting provider, however if you are looking for a cheaper hosting service, I highly recommend checking out this iPage hosting review. iPage offers great service, support and similar hosting features as HostGator at lower price. If you are novice in hosting, and just learning the basics, probably a cheaper host, such as iPage will do the job for you.

Hostgator review by Overall rating is 9.1/10

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