Hostgator and Joomla

Hostgator and Joomla

Businesses whether small or large, today need cyber presence to reach to far-flung areas and customers in remote areas. Any website, which appears on the internet, needs a hosting company to host it. It is the job of the hosting company to manage and support the business domains online.

Therefore, the importance of choosing a good hosting company, which provides the required services at affordable prices, is not undermined. HostGator is one such hosting company, which provides VPS, shared, dedicated and reseller hosting services at highly competitive, yet affordable prices. With more than 400,000 clients in several countries, HostGator is surely amongst the leading hosting service providers.

HostGator, as a hosting company provides a wide variety of features enabling businesses of all stature to use its services without much ado. Moreover, it provides the hosting at highly affordable prices making it a popular choice for customers looking for cheap yet the best hosting service. The customer support provided by HostGator is incomparable with other similar hosting companies. One can contact the CSD round the clock, by telephone, live chat or email and all modes are answered, immediately. Check out the Hostgator review.

Joomla can be described as a Content Management System, which helps one build and manage websites along with several other applications. Being an open-source solution Joomla can be used freely by anyone wishing to maintain a website. The popularity of Joomla lies in its extensibility and ease of use.

Joomla, being CMS software, is able to manage the entire content of one’s website. The content may include text, pictures, documents, videos, music etc. The best thing about Joomla being a CMS software is that requires no technical knowledge and skill to use it. Moreover, the management of the content is effectively handles by the software and the user does not need to do this.

Considering HostGator and Joomla together, the combination works well as the cPanel server provided by HostGator offers a conducive backdrop to Joomla.

Clients using Joomla with HostGator hosting vouch for the efficiency and effectiveness of HostGator services. The Fantastico De Luxe script, which comes preinstalled with the HostGator service, provides easy installation of Joomla, with a single click. The process takes just five minutes and it can be carried out by a person having no technical knowledge of the same.

HostGator as a hosting company provides services to website owners of all sizes.

These may range from single users to Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, with varying requirements and necessities, these businesses get unmatched hosting services from HostGator. Working on similar lines, Joomla being a free open-source program caters to the needs of various individuals and business owners, who wish to build and maintain websites.

These websites could be of varying nature and include eCommerce sites, corporate websites, online magazines, publications, newspapers, organizational or non-profit websites, small business websites, personal homepages, school websites etc. A combination of HostGator and Joomla therefore, works well as both complement and support each other. Since the requirements of Joomla are fulfilled by the cPanel servers of HostGator quite effectively, there is no need to look for any other hosting provider.

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hostgator and joomla

7 thoughts on “Hostgator and Joomla”

  1. I have built a test Joomla 1.7 site (to play around with) in wamp.
    I now want to get this site uploaded to server on Hostgator.
    I have created a new DB on HG useing the CPanel

    I have googled for help on this and they all say somthing like “bla bla “DO THIS”
    but they dont tell you where the “do this” function is hiding.

  2. Hostgator have some great vps services which inlcude cpanel and fantisto and make it very easy to administer and host your joomla domains.

  3. Summary:Price: 5/5 I pay $96/yr for unlimited speed.Speed: 5/5 I can saturate my 40mbps line with ease.Protection: 5/5 Standard 256-bit SSL. Store only timestamped download volume and IP.Retention: 5/5 10 days behind Giganews, includes headers.Reliability: 4/5 I’ve had some minor issues in the past, but nothing recent.Support: 5/5 I’ve never needed to use it in ~2yrs. It is just a ticket system, however.

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