HostGator and WordPress

HostGator and WordPress

Before we begin to study the combination of HostGator and WordPress, it is imperative to understand the meaning of each separately. When one surfs the internet, he comes across various websites in the process. These websites are displayed on the internet by the hosting companies, which project the websites on to the World Wide Web. From there the websites find place in the search engine ranking due to the SEO efforts. Therefore, the hosting companies, which host the websites, are highly important.

HostGator is one such hosting company, which in a short time span has created a niche market for itself. It not only offers a wide range of features to the websites but it also offers these services at very reasonable prices. Catering to businesses of all sizes, HostGator has been able to take up the hosting services for over 1% of the entire internet traffic and this is lot of business.

WordPress on the other hand is a software program, which is web based and is a platform for users to post in their blogs, forum messages or maintain a website. MySQL and PHP power the WordPress, which, in other words is also referred as the Content Management System.

WordPress contains several features, the template system and the plug-in architecture being the top ones.

When a business owner or a simple person wants to maintain a WordPress powered website or blog, he would look for a hosting company to host his website. WordPress works best with Linux hosting system and therefore, the HostGator is the ideal option available. Other requirements of WordPress include a minimum 4.3 version of PHP, 4.1.2 version of MySQL database, Nginx or Apache server and suPHP for security.

These requirements are ideally fulfilled by HostGator, which provides services at the most reasonable prices compared to other hosting companies. As a customer seeking hosting services, you would want easy installation of the WordPress, without any hassles and great support from the hosting company.

HostGator in this regard fulfills all aspects very well and therefore, it is recommended as the best option for a host of a WordPress site.

Since it provides shared hosting as well, one can take up the services as required by his website. The Hatchling and Baby packages provided by HostGator, offers single and unlimited domains, respectively. For those who have higher domain needs can go for dedicated hosting or VPS hosting from HostGator.

It is easy to install WordPress with HostGator as it provides the cPanel with Fantastico De Luxe. The QuickInstall (Beta) offered by HostGator enables easy installation of more software like Forum software, Blog Software, chat software, Content Management System, eCommerce software, social networking software etc.
Therefore, one can safely assume that HostGator and WordPress work well together. High quality in-time customer support is the USP of HostGator.  Since there is no contract between HostGator and WordPress, there is no binding on any party to continue the setup, if unhappy. HostGator and WordPress, therefore, compliment each other and provide a healthy and supportive environment to work.

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