How To Get The Most Of Your Wi-Fi Connection

Everybody uses the internet in some capacity these days. Because the internet is such an important part of daily life, many people have Wi-Fi routers installed in their homes.

A Wi-Fi router is a device that connects your home to the internet so that you can access the web on your computer or phone. Wi-Fi routers only allow you to access the internet inside your home, however. Once you leave, you will leave your home’s Wi-Fi signal zone.

Wi-Fi routers aren’t perfect, as anybody who owns one will be able to tell you. If you want to get the most out of yours, then this post’s got you covered. Here’s how you can:

Antenna Positioning

Wi-Fi routers have antennas, which pick up signals. If your Wi-Fi antennas aren’t positioned correctly, then they may not pick up a strong signal, which could in turn result in poor internet connection.

Your router’s antennas should all point vertically, in the same direction. Never aim your antennas in different directions, and make sure that they are always vertically pointed. If you have a router that has three antennas, then disregard everything here so far and point two at a 45-degree angle, and one vertical.

Router Placement

If your router isn’t located in the right place, then it could struggle to pick up a signal. Most people agree that the best place to put a router is by a window, on the top floor of your house.

If you put it on the bottom floor, then it could struggle to pick up a signal, especially if there are several floors above it. It is good to put it by a window because it is easier for a router to pick up a signal there.

It is a bad idea to put a router in the center of a house because it can struggle to pick up a signal through the walls. If you have any doubts about your router’s placement, then it might be worth reaching out to the Wi-Fi supplier and asking them for their advice.

Wi-Fi Supplier

Sometimes the cause of low Wi-Fi signal is the supplier themselves. If you are constantly experiencing low signal and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to strengthen it, then you may want to reconsider your supplier.

If you are going to change Wi-Fi suppliers, then make sure that you ask your neighbors and conduct research online, so that you can find the supplier that’s best in your area.

In addition to researching online and asking around, use a signal display program. There are websites that allow you to check a Wi-Fi network’s signal in your area.

Router Optimization

One very effective way of improving your router’s speed and getting more from your Wi-Fi is to optimize your router.

Most people are completely unaware that this is even a thing. In order to optimize your router, locate your router settings when connected to the internet on your laptop or computer, and then begin changing and adjusting settings.

It is a good idea to first research your specific router so that you can learn what should be changed and what shouldn’t. Every router is different.

Some routers have settings that allow you to prioritize bandwidth when you are playing video games or watching movies, which is worth considering if you do participate in these activities on your device.

Bandwidth Leeches

If you have (or had) an open Wi-Fi network, then you may have picked up some bandwidth leeches.

It is very common for people’s neighbors to hijack their internet connection, using it themselves. If you suspect that people have been doing this to you, then you may want to consider adjusting and updating your router’s security settings, which will prevent people from being able to gain access to it.

Make sure to refresh your router after updating security settings, so that any person connected to it is ejected from the network.

Bandwidth Throttling

It’s sometimes the case that ISPs throttle people’s bandwidth, significantly slowing down internet speeds.

This is usually done to conserve bandwidth or to reduce the strain on the ISP’s network. If your Wi-Fi supplier is doing this to you, then one trick to get around it is to use a VPN.

A VPN will change your IP address and will totally stop your ISP from being able to throttle your bandwidth and reduce your internet activity. VPNs can be accessed for free, which makes them a great option.

If you are a regular internet user and your router is slow or unreliable, then it is important that you try to make changes. Making changes to your router will help you to improve its speed and get more out of your time online.