Is HostGator Good or Bad?

Is HostGator Good or Bad?

The increased usage of the internet and that of businesses beyond boundaries has made it necessary for highly informative and comprehensive websites. To uplink a website to the internet, one requires a host as this task cannot be done by oneself. Web hosting is the allocation of the space on the internet so that the website is visible to the world. Web hosting companies having powerful computers called the servers allocate space to the websites.

HostGator is one such hosting company, which in a short time span has risen to be amongst the best hosting companies in the industry. To be able to decide whether HostGator is a good host or a bad one, we have to analyze it on various aspects.

Reliable with the best uptime:

It has been observed that HostGator provides the best uptime, that of 99.9% prevalent in the hosting industry. This means that as a host it is stable and reliable. There are no downtimes as HostGator has a data center of its own. The reliability quotient of the company can be further ascertained from the fact that it offers money back and 99.9% uptime guarantee for 45 days.

Multiple plans to host unlimited domains:

The users are not limited to hosting single domains as the various packages offered by HostGator include unlimited disk storage and bandwidth. Therefore, users with multiple websites can host them with a single account with HostGator.

Multiple choices to upgrade:

HostGator being amongst the leaders in the hosting industry offers multiple choices to upgrade. This means that a website hosted with HostGator, if requires a higher level of hosting can go for the dedicated, VPS, reseller or other type of hosting. Therefore, without worrying about disk storage or bandwidth at an increased cost, websites have the opportunity to grow with HostGator.

Environment and user friendly:

The USP of HostGator is their unmatched service to their clients. There have never been negative reviews regarding the customer support of the company. Live chat, email and telephone, are the modes through which customers can get their queries answered round the clock. The company has turned environment friendly lately with the usage of wind power for cooling their servers.

HostGator having the following benefits when compared to other hosting services is no doubt the number one choice of several companies, small or large. The company has several web hosting plans suitable for all pockets. With the most advanced equipment and an unmatched customer service, HostGator is the favorite hosting company.

Some people might argue that the price of the company is slightly higher than that of other companies. However, price is no comparison to the features that HostGator provides. Cheap web hosting companies may surely be charging less for their services, but the quality of service is a huge deterrent for choosing such a service.

Moreover, when one compares the monthly spending on the hosting service, a difference of $2 or $3 bears no importance.

As a web-hosting client, one looks for great features and add-ons, ease of use and excellent support from the company. HostGator in this regard fares very well in all these aspects and therefore is the correct choice if one is looking for a stable and reliable web hosting company.

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  1. I’ve been using HostGator for about 2 years now and have only had one downtime. When I called their support line they were actually pretty responsive.

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