Linkjoy Review – Is There a Lifetime Deal?

Readers get ready to dig into an in-depth review of Linkjoy.

Linkjoy is a highly sought-after service in the online marketing world lauded by many users for its multiple utilities.

However many doubt its effectiveness and credibility often questioning their decision to use this platform.

Are these apprehensions unfounded or is there merit to these concerns?

Linkjoy Review

Linkjoy Review

Linkjoy is a social media management tool designed primarily for Instagram users to overcome the platform’s limitations especially for e-commerce sites. It helps users optimize their Instagram profiles increase brand awareness generate more leads and even re-target one-time visitors.

At its core Linkjoy creates a micro landing page for every Instagram bio link adding new dimensions to your Instagram posts. Every time you add a link in bio section on Instagram Linkjoy enables you to track visitor numbers measure performance and even customize the landing pages.

This service has received positive reviews for its ease of use and technical details.

Is there a lifetime deal available? YES
Our Rating 5/5

Key Features

One of the most notable features of Linkjoy is the Multiple Bio Link where multiple links can be inserted within your Instagram bio giving you the freedom to transform your IG posts into traffic drivers. Link retargeting is another powerful feature that authenticates your URLs thereby increasing your click-through rates.

Multiple Links in Instagram bio: Significantly expands your Instagram marketing potential
Link Retargeting: Increases the trust factor for your URLs improving click-through rates

Another excellent tool is the main dashboard providing detailed analytics on link clicks user locations and the device/browser users to access the links. You can use it as a reliable analytics tool due to its cutting-edge advanced tracking system.

Analytics Dashboard: Provides detailed information about clicks the user’s device location and browser used

Create Micro Page and Customizable Pages are features to customize your link bio landing pages. You can change themes backgrounds buttons and fonts ensuring your landing page resonates with your brand and engage with your followers effectively.

Create Micro Page: Make your own micro landing pages for every link
Customizable Layouts: Have landing pages that perfectly match your branding


There are various alternatives to Linkjoy available in the market. Some of the notable ones are Bitly and Hootsuite.

These platforms also offer features like link tracking URL shortening and the ability to create micro landing pages and customizable layouts.

Pallyy Shorby and Tap Bio are other alternatives that are focused primarily on making the most out of Instagram’s link in bio feature. Although they all offer features aiming to Convert Followers into Customers and Increase Brand Awareness each has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Comparing Linkjoy to other competitors such as LocaliQ Yotpo and Landing Lion users can evaluate features pricing and technical details to identify the right tool that fits their needs and strategies.


Understanding Linkjoy pricing is essential for potential users. Previously Linkjoy offered various plans each coming at a different cost.

However recently they have shifted to a single-plan strategy. For a fair price of just $9/month users can now access ‘unlimited everything’.

This is substantially lower than the pricing options provided by many of its competitors making it a cost-effective choice for businesses or individuals looking to improve their social media marketing approach.

Before committing to this tool prospective users can also try it out for free through Linkjoy’s free trial offer. This is a great opportunity to explore its advanced features and gauge its ease of use.

For those with specific or advanced needs there is also the potential for an Entry-level set up fee though this would be discussed with the Linkjoy team.

Pros And Cons

One of the major benefits of the Linkjoy platform is its versatility. With tools for building brand awareness converting followers into customers and retargeting one-time visitors it’s a robust tool for any business.

An important feature is the “Add Link In Bio button” which enables customers to include multiple links in their Instagram bio. This becomes a game-changer for businesses as this encourages their followers to explore more.

This links can be customized to serve different purposes – They can be used to redirect followers promote a YouTube channel or drive traffic to a specific blog or an ecommerce site.

Another pro is their analytics tool – Linkjoy records detailed insights about clicks user location device and browser used enabling businesses to understand their audience better. Also the pricing of Linkjoy is quite affordable when compared with competitors like Bitly and Hootsuite.

Despite these advantages Linkjoy has its cons. Some users have reported poor experiences with support.

There have also been certain technical issues with the platform. The interface is easy to use but when a problem occurs getting it resolved can take time.

Therefore individuals who are not tech-savvy might face some inconvenience.

Being a relatively new player in the market Linkjoy still has room for improvement. However even with the mentioned flaws many businesses have already benefitted from using Linkjoy to optimize their linking strategies and grow their brand presence on Instagram.

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