Norton Internet Security Review

The Norton Internet Security suite 2016 has moved on from being a slow, crash prone and bloated system to a streamlined and effective application. The new version is extremely effective and has some new and advanced features, which are the USP of the product. The continuous update procedure enables the NIS to improve its detection rate and provide complete security against all sorts of malware.

The interface of the new Norton Internet Security Suite is a little overwhelming initially and people might have to squint to get a proper look of the buttons, in black, yellow, white, and gold combination, but things get better as you get used to the interface. Apart from the interface the NIS scores highly on the important issue of security as it fares highly in its detection of the real-world threats and malware. The software scores highly on detection and blockage of known malware samples.

There are no false positives and the speed of the new NIS is acceptable. With the percentage of removing active malware standing at 80%, the software stands tied with other antimalware applications. However, it leads the pack with its high rating on performance and security.


The NIS takes about a minute and a half to install on the system. The installation is easy and fast just as the previous versions.


Besides the interface, as mentioned before, using the NIS is quite simple. However, the developers could have worked a little harder on the graphical user interface department making it easier to comprehend and use the NIS.


The NIS scans the system deeply, but does not check the good files until it detects a change in it than its previous check. This enables the NIS 2013 to carry on the scanning in a much faster mode without draining the system resources.

Detection of malware

The malware detection is the forte of the Norton Internet Security suite 2016 as not a single known sample of malware is missed while detection. In addition, the suite successfully detects for malicious URLs.


The spam filter of the NIS 2016 works well as it is able to filter out spam with a detection rate of 98 percent. The malicious malware are removed or turned into friendly documents.


Consistency is the key when you opt for the Norton Internet Security 2016. Using all the available layers for protecting a system against online threats and malware, the Suite promises a blanket security cover. The suite besides its normal function of detection and removal of malware and spam, provides various add-on functions.

The NIS in its 2016 version has introduced the Facebook application, which forms the part of its campaign for a Safe Web. Although the application requires permission and does not run automatically, yet the feature is good as it scans the wall links for any possible threats. Power Eraser is another addition made to the NIS 2016.

This tool has the power to blast the infection if it not removed by the normal means. Overall, the NIS 2016 gets a very positive review as it has incorporated several of its services under one setting making it easier to access and use the application. Norton internet security 2016 is the best internet security software of this year.