Noysi Review – Is There a Lifetime Deal?

For businesses in search of enhanced communication a Noysi review could be the perfect starting point.

This platform boasts a multitude of features designed to streamline and optimise workplace interaction.

But what is the real experience of using Noysi in an actual working environment?

Is it as user-friendly and effective as promised?

It’s time to uncover the reality behind the hype.

Noysi Review

Noysi Overview

Noysi is an emerging communications platform that came into prominence just 1 week after its launch on Appsumo (Appsumo) beating out 2218 other deals. Since its inauguration in 2016 it has gathered a substantial following boasting about 50000 Facebook fans and 6000 followers on Twitter.

Noysi’s intuitive interface which strikingly resembles Slack and its four core features – Files Chat Meetings and Tasks have earned it positive user reviews. Despite a few hitches such as the lack of essential chat features like shortcuts and pinning messages and some missing features in task management Noysi has proven to be a reliable alternative to other team communication platforms.

Is there a lifetime deal available? YES
Our Rating 5/5

Noysi Task Manager

Noysi’s task manager is its key feature lauded for its simplicity and ease of use. It enables users to easily add tasks and assign teammates to them but falls short of a few advanced capabilities.

It lacks a Kanban view and the functionality to complete tasks from the dashboard or the ability to add sub-tasks.

Moving forward Noysi’s developers and its core team of 11 employees are actively working to improve its services to meet the demands of their growing user base. The platform continues to evolve with consistent updates to maintain stability and squash any emerging bugs.

Noysi Chat Features

Noysi’s chat system or communications platform is an intuitive interface reminiscent of popular apps such as Slack and Discord. This chat feature is a core feature playing a vital role in team communication.

With open channels private groups and 1-1 messages team members can collaborate and discuss easily.

Yet Noysi’s chat area doesn’t provide the feature of shortcuts. It also lacks the ability to pin important messages as announcements limiting its functionality.

Users need to manually search for important messages which may result in missing messages or messages getting buried.

Noysi allows users to react to messages attach files and boasts a read receipts feature for better engagement. Its chat feature also supports mentions allowing for more streamlined conversations.

  • Chat features are user-friendly and well-designed
  • Lacks shortcuts and pinning features
  • Allows file attachment and read receipts

Noysi File Manager

Noysi offers a simple yet effective file manager as one of its core features


The ability to attach files within a chat is a handy feature for better collaboration. Noysi allows unlimited file uploads ensuring no restrictions on how data is shared within the team.

Another advantage is the unlimited number of channels you can add to organize files better. Whether it’s documents for a project images for a campaign or any type of file you can create a channel for easy access.

Noysi’s file manager also enables users to move files to different channels for better organization. However it lacks advanced features such as version control collaboration on files etc.

Overall the functionality of Noysi’s file manager meets basic business needs adequately.

  • Unlimited channels and file uploads
  • Lacks advanced features
  • Meets basic business needs

Noysi Meetings

Noysi’s meetings feature is one of its core components aimed at facilitating team communication. Users can simply start a video call and add participants transforming the chat system into a video chat or video meeting effortlessly.

This option emits inconsistencies in the workplace dealing with other messaging or chat apps.

Noysi caters to a myriad of demands such as mute and unmute options during discussions and also the chance to raise your hand during meetings. A unique feature available is the ability to record the meetings ensuring important messages are captured and can be revisited later.

However this feature has drawn some critique especially around branding and scheduling. For instance users have expressed distractions from the overbearing Noysi logos during their video calls.

In response Noysi developers are considering removing the branding for paid users. Further tweaks in design aspects such as changing camera views or muting participants are also improving.

Another drawback is the poor scheduling features available for meetings. While it allows for appointment scheduling the process is not streamlined.

Although the Noysi calendar is evolving it needs better integration with popular scheduling tools like Google Calendar or Outlook to enhance the user experience.

Despite constructive criticisms Noysi with its intuitive interface and robust video meeting capabilities is still a strong contender against similar tools making it a preferred choice for many teams and businesses.

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