PlayStation Customer Service 1-800-345-7669

PlayStation Customer Service 1-800-345-7669

Sometimes you get a call from a phone number that you don’t know. Then you type that number into google to find out who called you.

Maybe this happened to you with the phone number 1-800-345-7669?

PlayStation Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-345-7669

Have you been searching for the phone number 1-800-345-7669 to find out who it belongs to? This is actually the phone number of the PlayStation Customer Service in the United States. Maybe they called you back because you contacted them first.

What is Playstation?

PlayStation has been the world’s largest gaming console for many years now. Playstation is owned by Sony.

Sony is founded in 1946, its headquarter is based in Tokyo, Japan. Sony is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of digital products, including digital cameras, digital music, digital televisions and personal computers. Sony corporation is the biggest of all, the world’s ten largest electronics company in the world, including the biggest in Japan.

Starting from PS (Playstation) 1, PS 2 and PS 3, it has grown tremendously in terms of number of games and sales. With such a large user base, there may arise a need for contacting PlayStation customer care.

How To Contact PlayStation?

If you are looking for PlayStation customer service helpline number, dial 1-800-345-7669. You can reach the PlayStation support team Mon- Fri: 8am – 8pm EST.

You also have the possibility to send them an email to or you can use their facebook or twitter to contact them.

Why Did Playstation Call Me?

The PlayStation Support Phone Number is +1-800-345-7669.

If this number called you, it might have been the Sony support team, who probably called you back. Maybe you called or emailed them sometime in the past with a problem that you had with your PlayStation.

Different companies have different times when they call you back. Some of them call you back withing 24h-48h. But sometimes it can take a lot longer.

Some companies take a month to get back to you.

The customer care of Sony will help you to solve all PlayStation related issues and can help you in updating your PlayStation or any other software problem.

You will get the customer support services with the help of Sony Support Number. You can call at anytime and get the proper solution.

Should I Call The Playstation Support Back?

If you don’t remember that problem that you may have reported in the past or if that problem was already solved then don’t call them back. It will be a waste of time.

If your problem still persists, then do called them back. Maybe they found a solution in the meantime.


It’s easy to see why you would want to know the number for the PlayStation customer service.

Perhaps you need to get a hold of them about an issue you’re having with your PlayStation. If you’re still curious, you can find the number for the PlayStation customer service here: 1-800-345-7669.

Hopefully this blog post has helped you find the number for the PlayStation customer service.