Shared vs VPS Hosting: Which is the best option for most businesses?

I see many businessmen, saying that they want the best hosting plan there is, for their company. It’s a disbelief in the hosting industry that the more expensive a hosting plan is, the better it is.

Partially this is true, but only in some cases. Lets take the following comparison: shared hosting vs VPS hosting.

A good shared hosting plan costs around $5/mo, whereas a good VPS costs around $45/mo. If you have a company site, showing off your products and services, a simple shared hosting will be enough for you.

You don’t need a VPS server, because you get all needed features, speed, security and space from the shared hosting provider.

shared vs vps

A VPS and dedicated hosting account is needed only if you have a 1000+ visitor/day download website. On VPS you will get the same features, however the cost is significantly higher.

The best would be to test it out yourself. Pick a good hosting company like hostgator, open a shared hosting account and see for yourself. This way you will start with the cheapest hosting type and you can always switch to a VPS plan, if you decide to do so, by simply contacting the Hostgator support.