Useartemis Review – Is There a Lifetime Deal?

Have you found yourself wondering about useartemis and what it might offer?

We have and as a result we’ve decided to do an in-depth useartemis review.

Full of intriguing features and modern technology this platform has caught our eye and piqued our curiosity.

But does it live up to the hype?

Is it as innovative and reliable as one might hope?

By the end of this article we promise you’ll know what to expect.

But one unnerving question still lies ahead: Is useartemis really set to take the lead in its field?

Useartemis Review

Useartemis Review

Useartemis is a highly praised b2b lead generation tool widely used for automation of cold outreach and discovery of contact details. Highlighted as a marketing dream this prospecting platform not only simplifies the process of lead generation but also enhances the efficiency of market research.

The users of the tool appreciate its ease of use its ability to provide value for money and its outstanding functionality. It’s a preferred tool for sales teams and business owners alike.

Unique features of Useartemis include a handy Chrome extension for obtaining LinkedIn contact details and the ability to export and enrich LinkedIn search results. On average Useartemis finds nine out of ten lead’s contact details making it an excellent tool for enhancing customer data software resource.

Is there a lifetime deal available? YES
Our Rating 5/5

Pricing and Plans

Useartemis offers competitive pricing plans that are able to satisfy the varying needs of its users. Starting from just $29 per month for 2000 contact details Useartemis provides a reasonably priced service for businesses.

With this users primarily commend the platform for its value for money.

Additional value is delivered through Useartemis’s free trial allowing potential users to try its services before making a purchasing decision. Despite being a new company on the block Useartemis is quickly becoming a popular choice amongst various businesses as their primary prospecting tool.

Customer Reviews

On Capterra useArtemis has received a favourable overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 168 reviews. Many users found value in its ease of use affordability and functionality features.

One user described the software as a “marketing dream and a promising b2b lead generation tool.” Another praised useArtemis for its helpful explanatory videos and easy-to-manage interface.

Despite the positive experiences some users wished for a faster LinkedIn export process and an increased count of phone numbers.

Several suggestions were made about refining the database and improving the user experience (UX) further. Still the consensus remains that useArtemis is a great tool for automating cold outreach and extracting LinkedIn contacts.

  • User review 1: The tool is great for sales teams and business owners.
  • User review 2: The platform is praised for its ease of use and helpful explanatory videos.
  • User review 3: useArtemis helped us automate cold outreach effectively and efficiently.

Ratings Analysis

As of the latest reviews useArtemis has an impressive rating breakdown on The platform is recognised primarily for its value for money with a score of 4.8.

It also receives high scores for ease of use and performance both standing at 4.7.

However not every feature received high marks across the board. The score for ease of setup stands at 4.4 while the quality of support received a slight dip to 4.3.

When compared with competitors such as Pipedrive Really Simple Systems CRM Klaviyo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud useArtemis holds its own particularly in user satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Despite the few suggestions for improvements the ratings prove useArtemis as a top-rated prospecting tool that guarantees usability and value for money for its customers.

  • Value for money: 4.8
  • Ease of use: 4.7
  • Performance: 4.7
  • Quality of support: 4.3
  • Ease of setup: 4.4

Popular Comparisons

useArtemis the leading LinkedIn and Facebook lead generation tool is often compared with other popular customer data software systems like Pipedrive Really Simple Systems CRM Klaviyo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

These comparisons classify useArtemis as an efficient and effective B2B lead generation tool often outpacing alternatives with its easy-to-use interface and functionalities including its powerful Chrome extension.

Prospects can quickly and effortlessly find phone numbers and contact details using useArtemis making this tool a preferred choice for sales teams and business owners alike. Correspondingly valued customers have given useArtemis an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 168 reviews on

The reviews emphasize the easy-to-use platform and detailed explanatory videos that simplify the outreach process even for new company employees or new users which sets it aside from other similar software.

Another popular comparison is the speed of the LinkedIn contact extraction and export capabilities. Users praise useArtemis for its speed but also express wish for even quicker exports and a larger number of phone numbers to perfect the prospecting platform.

Ultimately useArtemis is viewed in the market as more than a CRM tool – it is seen as a valuable and promising b2b automated lead generation tool playing an integral role in target audience outreach in the marketing and advertising sector.

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