Wp Reset Plugin Review – Is There a Lifetime Deal?

If you’ve been searching for a comprehensive WP Reset plugin review you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll delve deep into this popular tool for WordPress users.

This powerful plugin is designed to streamline the process of testing and fixing issues but many users wonder: does it really work as promised?

It’s difficult to find unbiased information among the multitude of online reviews.

And there’s one big question that many potential users are asking:

Can the WP Reset plugin truly save you time and avoid unnecessary headaches when managing your WordPress site?

Wp Reset Plugin Review

Wp Reset Plugin Overview

The WP Reset plugin is a versatile tool designed to quickly and safely reset a WordPress site’s database to default installation values. It deletes all customizations and content or specific parts like theme settings.

WP Reset is particularly beneficial for plugin and theme developers as it enhances testing and debugging processes by providing quick reset options.

With built-in snapshots functionality for one-click restore and multiple fail-safe mechanisms to prevent accidental data loss maintaining a clean and error-free site becomes an easier task. The reset will not affect essential site details like the site title WordPress address and site language among others and the user’s credentials of the currently logged in person.

Is there a lifetime deal available? YES
Our Rating 5/5

Wp Reset Plugin Installation

To install the WP Reset plugin access your WordPress admin dashboard and search for “WP Reset” in the wordpress.com repository. Click on “Download” and activate it through the plugins section on your admin page.

Alternatively you can manually install the plugin by uploading the plugin files which is a more technical method and might require some coding knowledge.

Once installed WP Reset is easily accessible through the dashboard. A reset of your site can be carried out anytime with just one click on the reset button.

The plugin comes with a safety net feature asking for confirmation before the reset process begins to avoid any accidental reset.

Wp Reset Plugin User Reviews

In 2021 the WP Reset Plugin has continued to establish itself as a true partner for WordPress users. Users praise the versatility and functionality of the plugin with its easy one-click reset feature particularly standing out.

WP Reset has made maintaining a WordPress site much more manageable.

  • The removal of demo data
  • The white label option
  • Nuclear reset
  • Automatic snapshots
  • Cloud storage

These are among the features users have found most beneficial. The plugin has been systematically updated with new features added regularly thanks to a dedicated team of developers.

Wp Reset Plugin Developer Support

Users have consistently spoken to the excellent support provided by the developers of WP Reset. The developer’s commitment to creating a user-friendly experience backed by robust customer service is particularly evident.

Feature Application
Undo Action Feature Allows user to undo any resets or changes to their site
1-Click Install User can install the plugin in seconds
Remove Demo Data User can remove all unwanted dummy data from their site
Automatic Snapshots Automatic snapshot of the site database before any change or update

The plugin is available in both paid and free versions. Even in the free version users can access a range of useful features and get the right help to get started with it.

In terms of user reviews WP Reset has over 1303 ratings with an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Wp Reset Plugin Pricing

The WP Reset plugin offers both a free version and premium plans. The free version offers a good range of useful features including site reset options the option to delete transients themes plugins manual snapshot creation and community support.

These features help with maintaining your site clean and error-free.

However for users seeking more advanced features such as automatic snapshots the WP Reset plugin offers three premium plans. Pricing for premium plans ranges from $39 to $149 per year.

The premium version includes the ability to automatically create snapshots before updates enable a white label option and manage licenses between up to 10 sites.

Despite the range of benefits some users have negatively reviewed the WP Reset Team Plan sometimes referring to it as the worst plugin on the market due to its frequent creation of database snapshots during plugin updates. This frequent snapshot creation can result in an unnecessarily bloated database with extra tables which may slow down overall site performance.

However automatic snapshot settings can be adjusted or even turned off to avoid this issue and users can manually export and delete snapshots to maintain control over their database.

Potential buyers of the WP Reset plugin can take solace in the refund guarantee should they be unsatisfied with their purchase. Overall the WP Reset plugin pricing offers a comprehensive range of options for different user needs – from basic site reset options to automatic updates and more advanced branding customizations.

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