Zyma-HostingZyma is a UK based hosting company that offers very affordable hosting plans for anyone looking to host a website on the Internet.

They were established in 2010, but now have a significant and popular presence in the hosting and blogging communities. The aim of this review is to give you insight into their award winning service and also to look if you should also host your websites with them. This Zyma hosting review will also look at in-depth of the hosting features on offer and what Zyma hosting bring to the table compared to their competitors.


Zyma hosting is a top choice if you have a blog, forum, e-commerce site or for any other type of website you can think of. Zyma hosting plan has so many features, that it would be difficult to list them all on this single page. The review will now look at the number and type of features offered by Zyma hosting service.

The features that I’m most impressed with though is their 99.9% uptime guarantee and their free website transfer service. As we all know uptime is very important when choosing a good hosting company and the fact that they guarantee this, shows they know how to handle and take care of your websites servers. The price starts at £1.79/month for the unlimited plan, which is around $3/month, which you have to admit is very affordable when you compare it with other hosting companies, so Zyma hosting gets a 5/5 for their price.

Zyma hosting also offer a free CDN service, this is extremely useful as those in the hosting industry are well aware.  This means your website will continue to work if there were any server outages.
One my other favourite features about Zyma hosting is they offer free SSH access and a free professional website builder. Both of these hosting features are only usually offered by high quality hosting companies. The website builder is particularly useful if you have little technical knowledge in website building and is a very straight-forward drag and drop style website builder software.
We all know that different scripts and software need a different version of PHP, and Zyma hosting offers 2 different versions of PHP in the same hosting account.

The beauty of using a premium hosting service like Zyma hosting is that you can have custom email addresses which can make your website and business look very professional. Additionally, Zyma hosting allows you to check your emails via a webmail interface, or on a tablet, or even a smartphone, and setting this up is quite a breeze.

Another feature that I want to mention in this review that is sometimes overlooked is the ability to have you own custom 404 error page. There are many hosting companies that would either charge you for this or simply not provide it. Fortunately, Zyma hosting gives this completely free of charge. It is certainly a very useful feature to have when looking to build a professional website for an important client or business.

Zyma hosting also offers FFMpeg and GD support, which is a technical way of saying that they support video streaming type of websites.
An important thing we all like to do is setup an email forwarding service or setup and auto-responder service. Zyma hosting uses cPanel and by default you get both of these features, which can certainly help when communicating with your website visitors via email.

We all know how annoying spam email can be, so I would like to explain what options we have in this hosting review. Zyma hosting offers a very good spam protection service. SpamAssasin is a cPanel feature that helps to reduce spam emails from hitting your inbox.

Quite often, we need to host more than one website on the same account, and by default you can host up to 3 add-on domains per cPanel account with Zyma hosting service. If you need to host more domains, they offer the ability to buy more domain slots at very reasonable prices.

Zyma hosting offers a full 30-day money back guarantee with all their hosting plans, which certainly helps re-assure new users to try their services completely risk-free. A hosting review without a review about the important parts of any hosting service such as customer service and control panel area would mean it is an incomplete review. Below in this review you can find what you can expect from Zyma hosting customer support team.

Control Panel & Support:

Zyma hosting uses cPanel as their main control panel, which is an award winning control panel, quite simply because it is one of the best out there for ease of use. Zyma hosting also offers not 1, not 2, but THREE different one-click installers, including Fantastico De Luxe, Simple Scripts, and Softaculous, which is my personal favourite, which can help get your WordPress website installed in lightning speed.

One of my favourite things about Zyma hosting is the customer support, there are 3 different ways you can get help by either contacting them via telephone, support ticket or live chat. Live chat is by far the fastest way to resolve your problems, and their support reps certainly seemed very professional and helpful.

Zyma hosting ticketing system is a quick way to get any of your questions answered efficiently.

We all know how important it can be when you need help with installing a certain application on your website. Zyma hosting customer service is world-leading, they have won many awards of having great customer service, which proves that Zyma hosting is a serious contender in the hosting industry.

I hope this review serves a good purpose of giving you an insight to Zyma hosting, and what you can expect if you want to join them.


Overall I have to admit, the price and the support of Zyma hosting plan makes this an extremely attractive option for anyone that needs a good quality and reliable host. Quite simply, they have one of the best all round hosting packages on the Internet. I hope you enjoyed my personal Zyma Hosting Review.

Based on my hosting review about Zyma hosting, they are certainly one of the most feature-packed hosting services on the Internet. They are a fast growing UK based hosting company and take great interest in delivering good customer service. All of this combined, I feel after this review, Zyma hosting service is highly recommend to anyone looking to have a professional website on the internet.

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