HostGator Vs Godaddy

hostgator vs godaddyWhen it comes to choosing a hosting company for the launch of your website, you cannot compromise. With the increase in the usage of internet, virtual presence in the cyber world is as important as the physical presence.

Whether it is a large business or a small one, it needs to have a web address so that it is exposed to the audience at large. Global business opportunities have further enhanced the need of businesses establishing online presence. Websites, to appear on the internet need a host.

There are several hosting companies like HostGator, Godaddy etc. It is now up to the customers to choose the best hosting company, which provides the best features at the most affordable prices.

Here we are comparing HostGator with Godaddy. While HostGator is the leading hosting company providing unmatched services for shared, dedicated, reseller and VPS hosting, Godaddy has the highest number of domain registrations.

The comparisons are being made under several heads, which makes it easier to point out the better hosting company.

Features and Control Panel: (winner: Hostgator)

The control panel used by Godaddy is a custom control one, while HostGator uses the cPanel. The custom control panel when compared with the cPanel lacks on several features and add-ons. The Fantastico script installer provided with cPanel makes installing various other programs with ease. On the other hand, the Godaddy’s control panel is not user friendly and advanced users are not happy using it.

Performance and uptime: (winner: both)

The uptime provided by HostGator tests the best among the various hosting companies in the industry. The uptime provided by Godaddy has been being mixed reviews by the users. The industry standard uptime is 99.9% and HostGator has been giving this uptime, consistently.

Price: (winner: Godaddy*)

When it comes to prices of the two hosting companies, Godaddy fares a little better, as it is cheaper than HostGator. However, this aspect is nullified with the many features, which HostGator provides but are lacking on Godaddy. Most plans available under Godaddy for a shorter period are less than those of HostGator are, but usually customers like more features and therefore, opt for HostGator. Besides this, if you use a coupon code* then you can get a cheap deal from HG as well.

Support: (winner: Hostgator)

Though both the hosting companies provide round the clock support for their clients, HostGator fares better than Godaddy because the latter lacks the personal touch provided by the former.

HostGator takes care of queries even if they are not the usual ones, whereas Godaddy offers a link to the FAQ section or the terms and service.

Therefore, customer support provided by HostGator is far better than Godaddy or for that matter any other hosting company.

Therefore, in totality HostGator scores on all aspects except may be the price (but there are some great Hostgator coupons).

However, those who seek better features for a slightly higher price go for HostGator. Reliability and stability are other aspects in favor of HostGator. Godaddy maybe having better domain registrations but HostGator is definitely the best host.

The instant support provided by the technical team of HostGator solves the client’s queries in real time, enhancing the performance and usability of the websites.

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Winner: Hostgator (use coupon code: GATOREXCLUSIVE to get $10 off)

hostgator review

Hostgator cPanel

Basically cPanel is a user friendly control panel with a graphical interface that makes it easier to control the hosting of your websites.

cPanel features:

Usually a cPanel has following features: addon domains, subdomains, file manager, mysql, fantastico. Fantastico is where you install CMS software like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

Hostgator is famous for its great cPanel. Not only does it load fast, but it also updated to the latest version with a unique theme and unique features. Hostgator does support PHP5.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is the easiest, most powerful web hosting control panel available today.

It’s easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to customize. It comes with an easy to use interface that can be utilized by both beginners and advanced users alike.

It also comes bundled with a lot of different modules that can help you manage and promote your server better. This control panel will not only make managing your web hosting a lot easier, but will also be a great tool to help you improve your website and help you achieve an optimal performance.

How to login to the Hostgator cPanel:

It’s simple. You just have to know your site’s IP address. Just go to your browser (ie: firefox) and type in

If your domain is linked already to Hostgator (via domain registrar) then you can use the domain name: or

You will get the login information in your welcome email from Hostgator.

Remember that you won’t be able to login to your cPanel if you haven’t paid the first invoice or if your account has been flagged.

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Hostgator and Joomla

Businesses whether small or large, today need cyber presence to reach to far-flung areas and customers in remote areas. Any website, which appears on the internet, needs a hosting company to host it. It is the job of the hosting company to manage and support the business domains online.

Therefore, the importance of choosing a good hosting company, which provides the required services at affordable prices, is not undermined. HostGator is one such hosting company, which provides VPS, shared, dedicated and reseller hosting services at highly competitive, yet affordable prices. With more than 400,000 clients in several countries, HostGator is surely amongst the leading hosting service providers.

HostGator, as a hosting company provides a wide variety of features enabling businesses of all stature to use its services without much ado. Moreover, it provides the hosting at highly affordable prices making it a popular choice for customers looking for cheap yet the best hosting service. The customer support provided by HostGator is incomparable with other similar hosting companies. One can contact the CSD round the clock, by telephone, live chat or email and all modes are answered, immediately. Check out the Hostgator review.

Joomla can be described as a Content Management System, which helps one build and manage websites along with several other applications. Being an open-source solution Joomla can be used freely by anyone wishing to maintain a website. The popularity of Joomla lies in its extensibility and ease of use.

Joomla, being CMS software, is able to manage the entire content of one’s website. The content may include text, pictures, documents, videos, music etc. The best thing about Joomla being a CMS software is that requires no technical knowledge and skill to use it. Moreover, the management of the content is effectively handles by the software and the user does not need to do this.

Considering HostGator and Joomla together, the combination works well as the cPanel server provided by HostGator offers a conducive backdrop to Joomla.

Clients using Joomla with HostGator hosting vouch for the efficiency and effectiveness of HostGator services. The Fantastico De Luxe script, which comes preinstalled with the HostGator service, provides easy installation of Joomla, with a single click. The process takes just five minutes and it can be carried out by a person having no technical knowledge of the same.

HostGator as a hosting company provides services to website owners of all sizes.

These may range from single users to Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, with varying requirements and necessities, these businesses get unmatched hosting services from HostGator. Working on similar lines, Joomla being a free open-source program caters to the needs of various individuals and business owners, who wish to build and maintain websites.

These websites could be of varying nature and include eCommerce sites, corporate websites, online magazines, publications, newspapers, organizational or non-profit websites, small business websites, personal homepages, school websites etc. A combination of HostGator and Joomla therefore, works well as both complement and support each other. Since the requirements of Joomla are fulfilled by the cPanel servers of HostGator quite effectively, there is no need to look for any other hosting provider.

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hostgator and joomla

HostGator and WordPress

Before we begin to study the combination of HostGator and WordPress, it is imperative to understand the meaning of each separately. When one surfs the internet, he comes across various websites in the process. These websites are displayed on the internet by the hosting companies, which project the websites on to the World Wide Web. From there the websites find place in the search engine ranking due to the SEO efforts. Therefore, the hosting companies, which host the websites, are highly important.

HostGator is one such hosting company, which in a short time span has created a niche market for itself. It not only offers a wide range of features to the websites but it also offers these services at very reasonable prices. Catering to businesses of all sizes, HostGator has been able to take up the hosting services for over 1% of the entire internet traffic and this is lot of business.

WordPress on the other hand is a software program, which is web based and is a platform for users to post in their blogs, forum messages or maintain a website. MySQL and PHP power the WordPress, which, in other words is also referred as the Content Management System.

WordPress contains several features, the template system and the plug-in architecture being the top ones.

When a business owner or a simple person wants to maintain a WordPress powered website or blog, he would look for a hosting company to host his website. WordPress works best with Linux hosting system and therefore, the HostGator is the ideal option available. Other requirements of WordPress include a minimum 4.3 version of PHP, 4.1.2 version of MySQL database, Nginx or Apache server and suPHP for security.

These requirements are ideally fulfilled by HostGator, which provides services at the most reasonable prices compared to other hosting companies. As a customer seeking hosting services, you would want easy installation of the WordPress, without any hassles and great support from the hosting company.

HostGator in this regard fulfills all aspects very well and therefore, it is recommended as the best option for a host of a WordPress site.

Since it provides shared hosting as well, one can take up the services as required by his website. The Hatchling and Baby packages provided by HostGator, offers single and unlimited domains, respectively. For those who have higher domain needs can go for dedicated hosting or VPS hosting from HostGator.

It is easy to install WordPress with HostGator as it provides the cPanel with Fantastico De Luxe. The QuickInstall (Beta) offered by HostGator enables easy installation of more software like Forum software, Blog Software, chat software, Content Management System, eCommerce software, social networking software etc.
Therefore, one can safely assume that HostGator and WordPress work well together. High quality in-time customer support is the USP of HostGator.  Since there is no contract between HostGator and WordPress, there is no binding on any party to continue the setup, if unhappy. HostGator and WordPress, therefore, compliment each other and provide a healthy and supportive environment to work.

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Shared vs VPS Hosting: Which is the best option for most businesses?

I see many businessmen, saying that they want the best hosting plan there is, for their company. It’s a disbelief in the hosting industry that the more expensive a hosting plan is, the better it is.

Partially this is true, but only in some cases. Lets take the following comparison: shared hosting vs VPS hosting.

A good shared hosting plan costs around $5/mo, whereas a good VPS costs around $45/mo. If you have a company site, showing off your products and services, a simple shared hosting will be enough for you.

You don’t need a VPS server, because you get all needed features, speed, security and space from the shared hosting provider.

shared vs vps

A VPS and dedicated hosting account is needed only if you have a 1000+ visitor/day download website. On VPS you will get the same features, however the cost is significantly higher.

The best would be to test it out yourself. Pick a good hosting company like hostgator, open a shared hosting account and see for yourself. This way you will start with the cheapest hosting type and you can always switch to a VPS plan, if you decide to do so, by simply contacting the Hostgator support.

Hostgator’s 10th Birthday

Hostgator is my favorite web host, and it will be 10 years old on October 22nd.

What is Hostgator?

Hostgator is a Texas-based web hosting service provider which offers shared, reseller, virtual private server and dedicated hosting services.

It was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, who is also its current CEO. Hostgator is a part of Endurance International Group which is a $500 million cloud services and web hosting provider. Hostgator web hosting services are currently used by more than 5 million customers in over 240 countries.

Hostgator has a good reputation in the web hosting industry for its competitive prices, easy-to-use interface and fast server performance.

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