How to find a reliable webhosting company

Learning how to find a reliable webhosting company can be an extremely difficult task. Many people get caught up in the moment, simply going for the one that offers the best deals in terms of disk space or most commonly; price. That being said, if the server is constantly down, meaning that a webmaster’s websites are also down, is that really such a good deal?

Reliability and access speed issues are things that trouble many webmasters across the globe. Many hosting providers’ will explain the pros and cons of their service, but leave out the important information. What webmasters need to look for is the “uptime” percentage. Generally speaking, the biggest and best companies will have an “uptime” percentage of around 99% or higher, so this is something worth looking for.

GoDaddy are one of the most well known webhosting companies on the market, and their uptime percentage is one of the very best. Companies like this will generally offer an uptime percentage of around 99.5% or higher, which means only minor glitches will take a web-hosting space down, and only for a few minutes at the maximum. In fact, many of the larger companies are so confident of their claims in terms of their up-time percentage, they will actually offer a money back guarantee. This usually means that webmasters can get a refund if the percentage falls below their advertised rate.

Finding reliable web hosting company is certainly not a task that should be orientated around pricing. Of course, everyone is on a mission to try and save as much money as possible. The reality is that this money has not been “saved”, if the service is not there. Many companies will make claims such as “unlimited bandwidth”. Try to understand that the host will always have to pay for the bandwidth that is used. If the consumer goes over a certain consumption figure, there is no doubt there will be small print where by the host will incur extra charges.

The great thing is that the larger companies tend to offer a more honest approach to webhosting. They are worried about getting bad press, so tend to be much more honest than the smaller companies. This is why so many people end up settling with the larger companies such as Go Daddy, which are well known for offering an excellent service, as well as a complete package (domains, hosting etc).

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