Getting started with getting the best of your cPanel is complicated, but not impossible. One thing that many find difficult is accessing the Addon Domain function in cPanel and understanding what they are going to do from there. When you work with cPanel, you are going to have everything at your disposal without you really needing to hunt around with it. Let’s get started in getting to know how to use addon domain in cPanel.

The first step you are going to want to do is click Addon Domain in your cPanel dashboard (all popular web hosts have this feature including hostgator). Next, you are going to have to name the addon domain in the “New Domain Name” section. After you have done this, you going to move on to naming the directory that is going to contain the subdomain that you’re working with. This is going to be the location for the files that public_html is going to be holding the main files.

The final step is going to be setting your password that you are going to be able to remember. After this, click “Add Domain”. Simple right? Removing the Addon Domain is just as easy. By going to the same section in your cPanel, you simply have to click “Remove” and you are done. Once you have done this, you are going to be able to move on with your site like it never happened before. Whenever you use cPanel, you are going to have easy navigation and you won’t have to fight with it for hours.

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