What exactly is VPS hosting?

One of the most important things to consider when developing websites, is the hosting package that is going to be used. A lot of companies choose to go with a shared hosting package. What they see is promises of high bandwidth and great transfer speeds. What they do not realise is that these are the standard settings for that server. When there is a weight bearing on the server, these figures are in-accurate. In fact, some days, when the server (which has multiple websites on it) gets lots of traffic, business owners might find it difficult even to log onto their website.

This is where VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting becomes important. VPS hosting is an environment that is dedicated to an individual business and website. They can choose to host as many websites as they like on that server. What they can be assured of is that they are the only person that is using that server. This means that slow websites are going to be a thing of the past. There are some great reviews on webhostingmedia.

Should businesses use VPS hosting?

Being on a VPS hosting account is a lot safer for businesses, than being on a shared hosting account. Not only are they generally much more secure, but they are customisable, which means a company can set custom options to suit their needs. This is something that is not available with shared hosting options. Sure, shared hosting might be a lot cheaper, but it is cheaper for a good reason; reliability. Packages for VPS hosting can vary in price. Sometimes due to the brand name and reputation, but sometimes extra things like support services can boost up the price considerably.

Who is shared hosting for then?

Really, shared hosting, the cheaper packages, are designed for the recreational website owner. For instance, a blog owner that does not lose thousands in revenue if their website goes down for 24 hours might benefit from shared hosting rather than a VPS package. For businesses, this is not acceptable. Not only will they end up losing thousands in revenue, they will also have their reputation tarnished. Imagine if you went onto a website that was down, would you consider that website to be secure? Probably not! Even if this is not an issue, it is likely that you will find a new supplier and continue to use that supplier in the future. The extra investment is worthwhile for even the smallest businesses; ensuring they have a fully functional website at all times!


Shared hosting does have its place in the internet world, but it is a service that is reducing in popularity. Even the recreational blog owner is now realised that if they structure their site correctly and provide readers with a solid resource that is always online, they can make lots of cash via advertising. Therefore, downtime and slow loading websites are becoming something that loses cash. For businesses, the decision is simple. If they are going to spend time and money building and marketing a website, they need VPS hosting to ensure that it is always online.

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